Corporate/Commercial Law

Acquisition? Investment?

Israeli technology companies can be among the most sought-after acquisition targets in the world.

Many companies, from USA, China, Europe and elsewhere acquire companies in Israel, or perform an equity investment. Recent amendments to laws in Israel, inter alia relating to grants (e.g. from the Office of the Chief Scientist) have made this even more attractive.

We are very experienced in such transactions, and work hand in hand, either directly with in-house counsel for the buyer, or via buyer's outside legal counsel abroad.

We will typically perform legal due diligence on the target company, assist in the legal negotiations, and facilitate drafting of the transaction documents.

We strive to keep things as simple and brief as possible, while protecting our client's position and moving the transaction forward.


Nobody likes to go to court. But sometimes it is the best option.

Perhaps you performed a transaction with an Israeli company, and there is a substantial sum of money still owed to you, despite your best efforts to resolve the matter amicably.

Or maybe you have appointed a new distributor, and your previous distributor has sued you at the Israel District Court and is trying to obstruct the new distributorship.

We understand litigation – its potential benefits and its limitations.

You can rely on us to obtain the best possible outcome for you, while respecting your need to manage your costs.


We provide a full set of corporate and commercial legal services for Israeli businesses.

If you have already invested in an Israeli company, or acquired an Israeli company, and you would like to retain local counsel to represent your interests as a shareholder, or to represent the company that you acquired, then we would be delighted to assist.

Our services include corporate governance matters, such as meetings of directors and shareholders, filings with the Registrar of Companies etc.

We also manage the company's contracts, in Israel and abroad, deal with employment contracts, handle any employment law issues that arise, and represent the company in any commercial litigation in Israel.

Our special expertise and experience in intellectual property law also places us in a unique position to assist technology companies, with their trademarks and patents, and other IP rights.

We offer retainer packages or pay-as-you-go time-charge billing, to fit your needs, whatever they may be.


We are bilingual English/Hebrew.

Many offices may tell you that they are "fluent" in English, but we are genuinely bilingual.

This will make it very easy for you to communicate with us. Also, it means we are equally at home reviewing and drafting documents in both languages – which speeds things up and prevents the need for having multiple lawyers working on the same transaction, just for language purposes.

We strive to keep things as simple and brief as possible, while protecting our client's position and moving the transaction forward.

Courts in Israel

For commercial matters, the court of first instance will either be the Magistrate's Court (for financial claims up to around $695,000) or the District Court (for higher claims, or permanent injunctions). Israel is divided into various geographical districts, and it is often the place of business of the defendant which will determine which district has jurisdiction.

An award of costs will generally be made in favor of the prevailing party.